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It’s Big Energy Saving Week! This national campaign is aimed at helping people like you to cut your fuel bills and save energy while you do it. If you’re feeling the chill or your energy bills are sky high, check out our…

Top 5 Tips to Stay Warm and Save Energy

*We do not recommend removing Felix from his sleeping place*

*We do not recommend removing Felix from his sleeping place*

  1. Un-crowd your radiators
    Radiators can be rather unsightly, even with a lick of paint – that’s why so many of us hide them behind sofas and in cupboards – but a crowded radiator is not conducive to a warm home. If you have objects such as sofas or dressers blocking the airflow around a radiator, these objects will absorb some of the heat emitted by the radiator meaning it won’t heat the room efficiently – and you might find yourself turning up the thermostat to combat this. To ensure your radiators are working to their fullest potential, we suggest you rearrange your room so as to allow maximum airflow around them.
  2. Invest in some thick curtains
    It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? That’s because it is. Households can lose up to 10 times more heat through their windows as they do through insulated walls. When drawn, a pair of thick curtains not only makes it harder for heat to escape, but also makes it more difficult for the cold air to get in. Save energy and money with some decent curtains – who knew?
  3. Have your boiler serviced annually
    It happens to us all. It’s the run up to Christmas, the temperature has dropped and on one exceptionally chilly morning you shuffle out of bed to find that the radiators are cold and the flame has gone out – your boiler is kaput. It is recommended that you have your boiler serviced at least once a year to ensure it is working efficiently. If you are living in a rented property, it is the law – so if your boiler has not been checked in the past year, do contact your landlord.
    We recommend that you book your service as soon as you can – this way, if something is wrong, you have time to get it fixed before the weather turns and your fuel bills start creeping up.
  4. Get insulated
    It is estimated that homes with un-insulated lofts will lose 25% of their heat through the loft space alone. Loft insulation can be a DIY job (materials are readily available at DIY stores) and if your loft is not insulated to the recommended minimum this is worth doing.
    There are some issues that you need to consider when laying loft insulation (your health and safety, dealing with electricity cables and down-lights etc.) but there is good advice readily available from the Energy Saving Trust, manufacturers and DIY stores, so this doesn’t have to be an expensive job.
  5. Make sure your timer is set appropriately to your needs
    Everyone is different – we all work different hours, spend different amounts of time at home and want our homes to be comfortable and warm as soon as we step in the door. To optimise your energy use and still stay warm this winter, try adjusting your heating timer to suit your circumstances. If you work from 9 until 5, programme your heating to come on at 4 o’clock to start heating your house just before you arrive home. Many bill payers will be shelling out on high gas or electric heating bills because they are unnecessarily heating their homes throughout the night. If you go to bed at the same time every night, try programming your heating to switch off an hour or two after you head to bed and to switch back on again an hour before you wake. During the night you’ll be so cosy under your duvet that you will hardly notice.
    Alternatively, you could invest in a Nest Learning Thermostat. This handy piece of kit allows you to control your heating and hot water from your phone. The Nest also learns your schedule and heats your home accordingly so you can save energy and money.

So, next time you feel a bit chilly at home, don’t reach for the thermostat; consider what else you could do to turn up the heat!

This winter, stay warm and energy efficient with our top 5 winter warming tips. Give them a go!

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